Friday, December 24, 2010

Lingering Heft

While halfway through Levin's The Instructions, I can't help but ponder the effect of recent reads. If Weber is to be believed an Christendom suffered a blow of disenchantment in my beloved 16 th Century, then certainly that structural worship was replaced by avarice and such is the core of Balzac's broad canvas.
(pause while I sing along with Tegan and Sara)

It is thus, that I am assured I will continue to be visited by Couisin Bette, much as Sister Carrie remains haunting: anyone have two tens?

As Gurion ponders the proper terms to express his love for June Watermark and, yet, Esther Salt launches her own epistle to the young Maccabee as to why the two broke up, we are confronted with extensive further flashback to delineate the world of slapslap ( a nod to Eschaton and Infinite Jest) and the fissure of September the 11th.


Blogger the feral professor said...

Where some have foundered this year my friend. You have not. Be well, and Happy Newness to you and yours. Cheers


12:09 PM  
Blogger jon faith said...

What's this about Gnus?

Where's Carlos The Jackal?

4:07 PM  

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