Friday, January 13, 2012


"Books speak in the middle of the night just as the river speaks, quietly and reluctantly, or perhaps the reluctance stems from our own weariness or own somnambulism and our own dreams, even though we are or believe ourselves to be wide awake." -- Javier Marias

The above quote occurred midstream in my effort to stay awake the other night. My wife was out and I wanted to hear her should she call. There isn't much to add to the exhilaration describing someone excitation established by someone occupied with an idea or question and leafing through books through the wee, small hours to resolve such. If the reader is occupied concurrently with just such a process, the benefits are palpable.

Since the last post, I enjoyed H.G. Wells' Time Machine. It is an intriguing treatise on the attitudes not only to history but towards science. If we can create a conveyance, it must be progressive. No one bother with consequences. We'll leave that for the radicals and the eggheads.


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