Friday, July 06, 2012

A New Month

It is time to be smart. the Euros, so well received, have now passed into lore. First, though, we need a joke.

Two cows are standing in a pasture grazing, as that is what cows do, chew and munch without devoting much time to the bovine condition. One of the cows happens to nurse a loquacious streak after aheming a moment, said, hey bud, you hear about that Mad Cow Disease? His compatriot paused in his mastication and said, yeah, but I'm not worried, I'm a helicopter.

I finished four books since my last post, most notably A Naked Singularity, which is a significant novel, finding resonance on those higher registers of narrative and all around juicy novelness.I can't recommend the novel enough, so I won't.

I am now going to read The Recognitions and am awaiting a pulse of activity on samizdat per our summer Musil read.


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