Saturday, October 15, 2005

Quick Qualification

Last night's surprise purchase plumbed a question of recent note. What author have I read the most pages from this year? If we are speaking one calendar year from today than, hands down, it would have to be Shelby Foote, if we allow the Conversations With as admissiable then it must be near 3000 pages in the past year with nearly two volumes of the Civil War Narrative and two novels as well as the Correspondence with Walker Percy. Who would be next? I could employ some Kentucky windage and say that Cormac McCarthy, William T. Vollman and George Orwell would be the next three, but such is only spur thinking.


Blogger jon faith said...

Upon reflection, Thomas Mann would certainly be near that cluster of authors, certainly close to Vollmann as both of their books were essentially 800 pages each. Thinking is often a desperate act (sigh).

10:42 AM  

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