Sunday, December 18, 2005


The day has been exacting, a grave strain has perched upon me like a vulture of convenience. Efforts to shrug it away were but smoke. I had a beer. This appeared to help. I likely won't have another until tonight, but I found the capacity for a lengthy walk. While walking I thought of boxing, not as a sport but as the subject of some dazzling writing. I don't really prefer to watch pugilism but rather read about it. It commands a grit. I enjoy Papa or Tosches on the sport. Apparently Liebling's Sweet Science is still revered in the genre, nearly 50 years after its publication. My grandfather liked boxing. My earliest memory of the sport is an Ali fight from the mid-70s. I think it may have been against Spinks or Holmes, I don't command the sequentiality of succession. My grandfather was not a literary man. He worked on cars and was henpecked by his wife for most of his life. She was a good woman, only an insecure one.


His daughter was a bitch.


My grandmother and I used to read for hours together in total silence. I have seen my adoptive mother once in the last 15 years: we didn't discuss any theories of the novel. My grandfather was one-quarter Native American. he was interested in the encounters between the Europeans and the indigenous. I am not sure whether he would have liked the Vollmann. He was also interested in both Civil War and WWII. He spent the latter working at the ammunition plant in Charlestown. His best friend was black. Otherwise, he claimed to be a racist. I don't really know. I know he hated politicians, particularly Republicans.


I am not sure whether this remembrance is cathartic. It feels trite. It was good to think while walking. I have so many doubts. The utility of this composition is one of them. I still don�t feel like reading nor watching Kurosawa. It will soon be time to go out to dinner. Maybe I'll have a beer.



Blogger edward parish said...

It is the time of the year when all of here in Lubyana,IN feel the pressure of no sunshine, short days, coupled with rare cold temperatures that make us feel so shitty, sorry for cursing. If it had not been for work occuping so much of my time this month and the one previous I would no doubt been in an unbelievable funk by now. Believe it or not, I'm only drinking a beer a day at present and find that is also helping keep from spiraling.

I as well am on vacation this upcoming week, no trip for Eddie, the illness you see is holding me close to home. Shall we hook up one day this week and make a short rode trip to maybe Bloomington or Cincy? Right now I am sitting down to the German film Downfall which I am sure your viewed.
Stay in touch...

4:59 PM  
Blogger Highwayman said...

Yesterday it was me, today it is you; it's just in the air. We can all rest assured however that history will repeat itself and the sun will in due time shine.

I'm a bit jealous of the fact that you got to know two of your grandparents. All of mine passed prior to my arrival save for my mothers mother and she was a certified bitch! I had nothing to do with her!

I did however manage to compensate by hanging around a couple of neighbors who were of the later part of the 19th century so ,I got a different perspective of the industrial age than did most of my peers. For that I am grateful to this day!

Cheers to You and N

11:18 PM  

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