Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunshine Trotsky

I finished the play Friday afternoon, enjoying the afternoon, the windows rollwe down, the parade of Friday rush hour reliable but distant. The play is remarkable in its juxtapositions of time and popular attitudes. There is a scene where Lenin bemoans the density of bureaucracy and decides that a commission should be formed on attenuating such.

Yesterday I began reading the final volume of Foote's Narrative, interesting that it ebgins with Grant adjusting to the "show business" of the nascent beltway, the corridors of power rife with gladhanders and office seekers. I read late into the night, listening to Mozart's 25th and 29th Symphonies.

I hope to read Tartuffe today (read the Preface yesterday a.m. at macy's - what tableau) and resume the Archipelago tomorrow.


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