Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Clean Underwear

"He remembered Montenegro and Bijelo Polje, sunk in dust and dung, the cellars and granaries where he had spent his adolescence and youth, dreaming about bread, clean underwear and equality among men."

Such lines about Gruban malic apparently apply to Bulatovic as well. Doing some spot research I found out that his father was killed by his brother-in-law after a dispute over some property. Then the war came. Bulatovic then spent his youth rather detsitute wandering the war-torn countryside. He was hospitalized several times for malnutrition and was arrested twice for vagrancy. He never read a book until the age of sixteen and then spent his entire artistic career pissing on all that allegedly progressive in the modern world. The War Was Better is similar to Gravity's Rainbow in that both are anti-war yet occur largely in the years of ravaged peace after V-E Day when packs of DPs and former POWs sprawled heading towards normalcy and home. . .to find what?


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