Saturday, April 01, 2006

British Bedtime

Historically I am immune to all the gags, particularly the internet variety, that accompany the First of April. I was just taken by the yahoo headline that Chris Martin was working to unseat Tony Blair after a yoga class shared by Ms. Paltrow and MP Cameron's wife.

Enough of such!

While measuring the excitement of my peers towards the Burton, I thought I add some texts towards which I have had interest for some time. I had posted about the new Julian Barnes and that I had reserved a copy from the library. That finally arrived but last wednesday I decided that I would History of the World in 10 and One-Half Chapters. N had picked it up in Cincinnati as she own a copy in srpski. Her words were, its like Cloud Atlas but not as dire. I have read three sections of the novel since Wednesday and remain amazed at its caustic wit, its characterization of Noah's Ark from the perspective of termites, its collsion of the History Channel and contemporary (circa 1989) terrorism and a medieval trial of excommunication against, yes, termites.

I hope to finish the Barnes History this weekend, post on the two introductions to the Burton and then ponder a dip into either the new Barnes or a novel by Anthony Burgess, another Brit I have had interest towards as of late.

You might ask, what about Boswell? I am actually surprised at how agreeable i found the text, reading 100 pages last weekend while flu-ridden. That said, I'd like to read Johnson's poem London and hopefully reyurn to Boswell a few times per week before bed. Upon opening the tome, I imagined that I would struggle through ten or so pages and then abandon the entire effort. Alas it deserves more, even if he was a boob.

Oh yes, the new David Mitchell is published next week and I preordered it back in January. Damn.


Blogger edward parish said...

May I borrow the History of the World in 10 and One-Half Chapters after you have finished?

7:58 AM  

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