Tuesday, April 04, 2006


My wife recently bought me a subscription to Oxford american, this was year after Joel had did the same. My first issue of this new series arrived today, a quite attractive woman is wearing a chemise in bed, an open book awaits her, even as she had turned over shoulder to practically wink at the camera. my favorite feature is her quite dirty feet resting on the alabaster sheets. The contents aren't as exciting as the cover. I fear that Southern Literature is becoming too commodified, prepackaged in way that can easily nauseate.

I hesistate to offer too glib of a comparison between OA, Bookforum or the Beleiver against that of the New York Times. What has exactly hapened to the Times? Middlebrow literature occupies the focus and despite Stephen Wright's recent cover appearence the avant-garde is avoided at nearly all costs. I fear I am too weary to complete this lament.


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