Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Updates and Afterthoughts

i realize that given the staple of time which has been devoted to The Tunnel, I haven't related my usual corps of commentary, influences and other such debris. There is, as always, no real excuse. The fun fair at Samizdat has had signs of life as of late, my wife has also been more interested than usual in the Playoffs and we have thus spent the past two evenings observing such. That said, allow us the taxonomy.
I think it was J barry or someone in the early 90s which either owned any Gass or referenced such. There were reviews of essays sometime in that decade which I read and then forgot. He appears largely to returned my attention via the Gaddis and WHG's Introduction to such. I think it was then the interview in The Believer whihc consumated the desire. It is dense and messy. It is an academic novel, it is a confession, it is also an instance of an unreliable narrator. It is thus like many books, notably Pale Fire, Lolita, all of Thomas Bernhardt, Angle of Repose and the dire doldrums delineated by Prose and Lucky Jim. I am nearly at p.500 and there are but 150 to go: I lobng for its conclusion as it apes Joyce through morning rituals and is infested with puns, it spikes towards a proto-fascist ontology, a Kafka confession in mid-transformation.

Well, there it is then.


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