Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Not So Lofty

This is apparently post number 350/ I haven't posted for two weeks. I can't say that I feel troubled by this lapse. I did have an intestinal bug a few weeks back and read The Emperor's Children in two days. It used an epigram from Anthony Powell. It didn't measure to his cycle. Actually, it sucked. Many folks have raved over this. Apparently caricature and soap opera are ready in demand. There was no sex and the characters were vapid and didn't deserve acclaim in their own world much less empathy from an infirmed reader. I hated it - if you didn't surmise as much from the above. I have halted my Pynchon reading as my friends have all apparently stopped to craft ginger cookies with the winter fairies. Margaret Atwood advised me to reread Richard Powers and I did for a few days. I will return to that huff of a topic at some point.

For now I am reading about Stalin.


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