Monday, December 04, 2006

Restless Recording

Most often I hate this site. I feel obliged to record what I've read but nothing stirs me as Samizdat so often achieves. That said, I spent most of the evening home along last night. I was browsing articles and interviews and found a number of snarky situations. Orlando Figes, famed historian of Russian matters, was both dismissed and accused of plagiarism by another academic and then swiveled to harpoon Mart Amis for his Koba The Dread book. How very interesting. Was Joachim Fest the only honest postwar German historian or did he perpetrate an alkternative reality where the Wehrmacht acted appropriately but were held in the vise of the SS? Such conjecture and disagreement is quite stimulating. I ordered Figes' book on the Russian Civil War in the Volga region, I am looking forward to it.


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