Monday, February 05, 2007


I am often humbled but why I read. Such established without a hint of hesitation concerning Voss by Patrick White. It is but a story about an explorer Voss who will lead a small group on foot across Australia. It is grounded in a minor historical note, but it is the liberty of perspective not the situation itslef which affords it magesty - if I may term it as such. This is prose of the highest order, dense as any brush or thicket (bnoth of which feature predominately in the early chapters) , yet gilded and precious.

It marks a certain counterpoint to the biography of Speer. Perhaps it is the fact that Voss is German in a foreign land and that Speer lived to narrate as an almost ambassador to a parallel humanity or absence thereof. Sereny admits to a crusade for children in need, she thus labors her observations with incessant analysis towards childhood trauma. She is also Hungarian writing and living in an English-speaking world. her maneuvering of guises and portals must be acknowledged. When the author first met Speer in 1978 it was the time of a reunion of sorts in thehousehold. Speer relates that it only the youngest of his grandchildren who would speak to him. He recalled that meal was austere until he retired to his bedroom at which time he heard wales of laughter from the family still below.


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