Sunday, January 21, 2007


Paging Walt Whitman:

I had a plan for the next 20 days or so. I would finish the Mutis, post prolifically about such, then read Night Watch and finally Hard Times with my beloved. Somewhere 'twixt and 'tween I would finish the Pynchon to a soaring accolade and continue with my labors as working class poseur.
Alas I was affected today by reading the NYTBR's cover review about Mailer and his latest novel (first in a decade) about Hitler and the Devil: one of which holds fascination for my jaded apprehensions. Much of the sprawling essay/review by Lee Siegal is devoted to Mailer's seminal Armies of the Night which I have never read. But now, I want to. So. I will finish the Mutis novella presently engaged and forestall the remaining 500 pages. I will read Mailer and hope that the subsequent sequence of prior plan folds fatally into reality.


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