Thursday, April 05, 2007

Giving Ground

That last sentence I penned concerned my qualm about Ackroyd's license as historian. I did check out his biography of Chaucer yesterday from the library. I have yet to crack its cover given my rabid lust for the Bolano.

I should pause here to note the vast engagement i have felt as of late reading Dickens and pondering the palimspest of London. By contrast, there is a geyser of nerdy joy when reading something new and subversive. There was note about Bolano this evening on NPR, it was quite the sensation to have been reading him at just this moment. I am at page 125 as I had to retire early last given a fear of infirmity. I also picked up a copy of Pope Joan translated and edited by Durrell. Such utterly insular fascinations remain a hunger for me.


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