Monday, March 26, 2007

Remodelling Babylon

Yesterday my wife spent the day building yet more shelves, this variety must have appeared to be siege ladders as they were nine feet and unpainted as she drilled and cobbled on our front porch. I can say that all of the fiction in our library is now shelved and what a bittersweet exdperience that was. I admitted some time back that the my mnemonic limits had coinced with an assemblage of texts culminating for the first tiem in not being aware of EVERY book we own. This was compounded yesterday as I dusted and reshelved those thopusands of tomes and I was surpised to find that a purge of sorts may be in order and especially for the American section. I suppose that such is logical, that literature translated from abroad would likely enjoy some degree of commercial or critical success, whereas dom,estic letters wouldn't face quite that steep a criteria. My ambitions for the week remain and I will likely rent the Polanski Oliver thsi weekend, quite curious to see Kingsley as Fagin.


Blogger edward parish said...

Hopefully you will not exclude Oxford MS. author Larry Brown and others. Shall we not forget the roots of our own lit? Loved the article in the NY Times on monday about a benefit for LB and others.

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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