Tuesday, May 01, 2007

An Assessment

Make no mistake, my second reading of Quicksilver was enjoyable. It is imperative to acknowledge the benefit of having recently read Ackroyd's London. That said, while I thought Waterhouse sections of the book would constitute an impressive novel ideas, the other 450 pages were actually rather annoying. Hence my groan when I opened The Confusion to disocver Jack Shaftoe, still, alive and bereft of the pox. His station of being in a slave quarters in Algiers along with a gnostic Jew, a repentant Conquistador, an African linguist and a Japanese Lutheran jatching some plot which would make Lee Marvin wince.


Blogger Brandon W. Smith said...

I'm nearly finished with Quicksilver (for the first time). I had an almost identical reaction (novel ideas, Waterhouse parts are great, the rest is entertaining but often annoying). Given that my pleasure reading time is severely truncated as of late, I won't be slogging through the rest of the series.

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