Saturday, September 01, 2007

Straining Towards Stability

Earlier in the week there was an author's list of favorite apocalyptic novels and I was familiar with all of them except for one: How I Live Now. This rather recent novel by Meg Rosoff is aimed towards a Young Adult audience but the library had a copy and I read it in two days. I was impressed but I gather that the graphic nature of the text will prevent skittish parents and teachers from pushing the book to younger readers.

I assume that my appeal for the Aftermath genre is tantamount to my predilection for Holocaust/Genocide theory and history.

I then spent the afternoon read a play by Edward Albee: A Delicate Balance. My wife had finished it earlier in the week and found it both hilarious and acerbic.

I may spend the rest of my holiday reading some more Bellow. Humboldt's Gift, perhaps. I bought a copy this a.m. at the library sale. I also picked up more history texts by Plumb, Schlesinger and Judt.

Sounds like a law firm.


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