Monday, December 03, 2007


It has unfolded that Lloyd and I would meet twice since he posed his question on this site concerning The Name of the Rose and its viability as primer for medieval history and philosophy. My short response is that the book affords one the purchase to question the motives of the church and the state which embarked upon its own internal inventory via the pagan texts and methodology which it helped preserve during that fallow period.

History as such seldom conforms to universal tendencies. I was imply weary when Lloyd asserted that the Middle east as such has been a mess since the Biblical era. I find the marrow of such to be much more complex; the rising tides of empires, concurrent technological shifts and dependencies and the harrowing tones of Diamond's theses of geographical determinism all feature in this opaque broth.

It is unfortunate but testimonial to my sloth that I have yielded but a few paragraphs about two distinctly different topics. My apologies, Lloyd.


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