Thursday, February 21, 2008

Due To Ice

I may actually plunk down here and scribble something. I have finished three books since I posted last. Tow of them were rather minor: The Accidental by Ali Smith and A Writer's House in Wales by Jan Morris. I first read Ms. Smith in 2002 when i picked up her Hotel World at The Strand in NYC. I found it mildly pleasurable. I found The Accidental to be likewise mild, only longer. She curries considerable press for writing such lukewarm books. I don't know. Roger read a book by Jan Morris a few years (six?) ago and I simply stumbled onto it blind at the library last night. I read for a hour before bed and then for forty minutes or so this frozen afternoon. I was really hoping there would be more about the books in that writer's house. I don't care much for cats named Ibsen.

I just noticed that this is double-spaced, queer.

I also finished Postwar by Tony Judt and I have documented my responses on saimzdat.
I would like to finish the Fourth Crusade book but i may shift gears yet again.


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