Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guilded By Weight

It appears now that I won't be travelling to Bardstown to watch my niece play soccer. Let us simply note this as another familial kidney punch. No need for sighs, it is sublime here in the heartland. I walked for a hour this morning while reading TRecs, no stumbles on the sidewalks, simply a surfeit of marvels at Mr. Gaddis.

I have encountered a pair of translations this weekend, the first being a new one of Les Miserables which clocks in at an amazing 1300 pages. I read a more svelte version some twen years ago and I can't say I am determined to approac this one out of any lingering curiosity. I read just now that Infinite Jest is finally being translated into German and it is near 1500 pages in Deutsch. So it goes, I am afraid.


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