Thursday, October 02, 2008

No Nobels?

Apparently the permanent secretary of the Nobel Committee For literature announced that literature from the US was "too insular" to warrant serious consideration for the esteemed prize. I thought the further explanation well-grounded; we are not a nation which values translation, but, somehow, to then imagine that our authors are likewise fettered is simply ridiculous.


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I'm sure you have seen this but, in case:

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Blogger the feral professor said...

and one more thing, since this has a bit from your colleague in words Levi Stahl I thought you might find it interesting. In broad strokes, most seem to agree with you that the state of literature in translation in this country does not, itself, necessarily translate to a paucity in worldview in our ("our" how nativist of me) authors. I did find the ambling of Prof Kellman to overreach in his rushing to list (and by association, compare) "moviegoers allergic to subtitles or the justices who deny the pertinence of any foreign case law." I might suggest that issues of cultural curiosity, openness, and appreciation are quite different than issues of state sovereignty and the interpretation of law. But with that said, here:

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