Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Stalin Organ

I finished such today and have mourned my previous posting for some time. My point was lost in that crumpled wad. Enderby is flatulent. I find this significant, he also cribs his poems in the bathroom.

Conversely, the novel about the stalemate at Leningrad is an unabating nightmare, where formless death manifests itself in innumerable ways while ideology slits its own throat. It will recall All Quiet On The Western Front to some, but this bleak portrait is purposely bereft of any human touches, sans screams and viscera, of course.

Mr. Stahl's appreciated comment registered, though in an area I don't usually consider. If forced to make a quick list of my favorite humorous novels, I would dash as follows:

5)Tenants of Moonbloom
4)Gravity's Rainbow
3)Lucky Jim
2)Our Man in Havana
1)Confederacy of Dunces

During the spell I pondered such this afternoon, a hearty walk in the fleeting sun and then a short drive to Home Depot to pick up items for my wife and Dalibor, I kept returning to the early scene in Infinite Jest where Hal ingests mold and his mother screams, my son ate this, my son ate this!

Okay, I may have problems. Rabelais belongs on my list, otherwise I suppose such is such.


Blogger jon faith said...

I didn't know until just now that Graham Greene and Charlie Chaplin were good friends.

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