Sunday, November 02, 2008

Paused, Not Poised

I finished the Barnes just now. Out there on the front steps, in shorts, in November.I would like to elaborate later on my impressions of the book, which are, to be assured, quite varied and often grounded.

I was thinking earlier of what I was going to tackle next, being on holiday and all that. As noted, I think congestion will steer me away from total immersion in Montaigne and Burton. I had thought of continuing the memoir jaunt with Gabbie's Living To Tell The Tale, which my wife read a few years back on perhaps losing myself for a few days in those novels of Julian Barnes that I hadn't read. There was a touch on shame earlier when considering that I hadn't finished three of the books i have been given over the last year, the two from Joel concerning cinema and The Whisperers by Figes, that my wife bought me for at Christmas.


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