Monday, March 02, 2009

Grabbing A Bounce

I found considerable spring in The Conqueror yesterday, even as my mood was pillaged by feeling congested. It is a bad habit to associate authors by geographical origin. Such presupposes national "Forms" as it were. I still ponder such, especially with respect to Scandinavia. The protagonists of Nooteboom's Rituals and Kjaerstad's Jonas Wergeland suffer from a dire ennui, a black dog with a potential lethal bite. The lead characters in Omega Minor also ponders his own conception, much like Wergeland a she takes his wife to Istanbul to explore the very spot.

My wife is reading Bolano: Amulet - which I haven't yet explored. Samizdat is revving up for The Pope's Rhinoceros. I will be spending the rest of this week with Kjaerstad, though The Kindly Ones officially arrives tomorrow.


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