Saturday, March 14, 2009

Upon Consideration

Congestion holds me at a stalemate. I can't find the lithe step to outflank such. I have enjoyed the morning, Madredeus and Sigur Ros, while making further progress with Lawrence Norfolk. I believe I will defer a second trip to the new Bank Street Brewhouse tomorrow and continue to heal and perhaps finish Tranquility.

An unexpected turn of events has brought a beach holiday back into action and I am planning my chest of texts for time by the sea. I am definitely taking The Kindly Ones and Book of Memories by Peter Nadas. The latter is to continue this Magayar vibe from Bela Tarr as well as to settle a humiliation dealt by my good friend Roger and only postdated by eight years. I was also thinking of taking the Danzig Trilogy but we shall see in that regard.


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