Monday, June 22, 2009

All This Listing

The meme of the moment, the whip-quick need to think, quickly, of fifteen books which has reverberated within the reader, affected one's speech and thoughts: this is quite project. Nothing discretionary, no bests thereof.
Such has spread, like Hemingway, gradually then suddenly, especially on samizdat shores. Here's three books i culled form friend's lists which I am not overly familiar with.

Schlesinger’s The Crisis of the Old Order
Taylor’s The Fall of the Dynasties
James Gould Cozzens/Guard of Honor

Here's my list
1)Gravity's Rainbow
2) The Tin Drum
3) Great Gatsby
4) Ghostwritten
6)Brothers Karamazov
7)Infinite Jest
9) Great Expectations
10) Terra Nostra
12) One Hundred Years of Solitude
13) The Sound and the Fury
14)Miss lonelyhearts
15)Fathers and Sons


Blogger the feral professor said...

such straight forward surety of choice and self. I admire your dedication and strict application of this high-brow version of "15 things about you"
Oh, and thanks for the kind congratulations

3:00 PM  

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