Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thus, Ahead

The gentle weather has allowed great passage in Greene's The Man Within, I have proceeded well into the second half. there are some striking similarities with Gun For Hire. The idea of the fugitive meeting a woman and finding a measure of solace in simply the word "friends." Both fugitives also have smallish hands and wrists. Sleeping under sacks also appears to be a common lot for those on the lam. Norman Sherry speculates that the chase thematic in his early novels is important to Greene as it explores his guilt of being bullied as a child. Sherry goes a great distance (I am presently at page 135 in the first volume of biography) to delineate how his father, who was the headmaster at Graham's school, damaged such a sensitive boy with his institutional homophobia. Alas, many feel (friends and family, decades after the fact) that extensive Jungian psychoanalysis salvaged Greene's creativity from the muck of suicidal self-hatred.


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