Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Answering The Enigma

All spokes of my literary world over the last decade have brushed with the work of Richard Powers. His prose has prompted exaggerated behavior from many, both pro and con. Most points of contacts from friends and familiars usually expressed a appreciation tempered with a sigh of disbelief. I understand such. The library's copy of Generosity became available Saturday and my wife and I swooped in for retrieval after our Whole Foods trek. I see no eschatological parallels between Powers, Stilton and hummus, but alas, the sequence was supple. I finished the novel Sunday and was left less-than-satisfied. It verifies the notion that Powers establishes grand parades of ideas and inserts them in the slimmest trappings of a novel. It largely occurs in Chicago which offered a certain stimulation, to be sure. It upholds Powers panache for loose metaphors and wayward aphorisms, the following is a response to the protagonist observing the blogosphere:

It took the species millions of years to climb down out of the trees, and
only ten years more to jump into the fishbowl


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