Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Humble Plan

Matters percolate as normal. The jaunt through Ulysses is often riveting. That said, the holiday weekend has, of course, prompted some scheming.

I joined the Eastern European Reading Challenge and thought i would use the opportunity to explore Polish literature.

My thoughts then floated back to another organizing principle. Maybe I should attempt to finish one large meganovel a month. This is much more feasible during winter months or when I am on holiday, but what is January for, if not fool's errands.
January: Ulysses
February: Against the Day (reread)
March : Runaway Soul
April: Magic Mountain(reread)
May: Moby Dick (reread)
June: Witz
July: A Suitable Boy
August: Sacred Games
September: Gravity's Rainbow (reread; hopefully in Berlin)
October: Our Mutual Friend
November: Gargantua and Pantagruel
December: Golden Notebook

My mind is presently flush with when I will abandon this charade. I would be rather pleased if I complete half of these during the year.


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