Monday, April 25, 2011

Jamestown by Matthew Sharpe

It has required an effort to remain grounded during this weather. I bounced about a bit yesterday, which is normal when I complete a book on a Sunday. I elected last night to pursue Jamestown. A plan had been formulated a month ago to pursue a series of apocalyptic novels and call it my Calamity Song Detour. After the tsunami, that didn't sound very clever. Last night, though, i decided to to go ahead sans any acclaim. I completed half of the book before bed and the concluding sections today before lunch. I appreciated the riffs on colonist journals. The pun on the Velvet Underground was especially well-received. That said, I have only hopes for Mr. Sharpe. He will outgrow these antics.

I was then all set to read Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe. I breezed outside as, imagine this, the sun was actually visible. I saw that Pym by Mat Johnson had been returned to the new fiction section along with the latest by Jonathan Coe. I grabbed both and returned home.


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