Sunday, September 23, 2012

On The Campaign

Goodreads is a good many things. It offers a peer resonance which I truly appreciate. It is also a habitat for all the bullshit which plague the rest of the Internet. Allow this post to focus on the benign aspects. It was trawling the waters in the grand old GR that I discovered China Mieville for which I am grateful. It was also this virtual region which enkindled hopes reading more speculative literature. This was a mistake. Case in point: R. Scott Bakker who like most of his ilk penned a trilogy of otherworldness. I bought the first two books and read 400 pages before deciding that such was insufferable and that I was nursing an active hatred of the book. I switched back to reality and read a half dozen books in a week by Alejandro Zambra, Italo Calvino, Martin Amis, Zadie Smith, Virginia Woolf and regrettably Diane Setterfield.

This humanist endeavor continues its truck. My observations and reticence continue.


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