Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Will be heading out in a few hours, it a brilliant sunny day in Illinois, one that portends to erupt into something ugly, as snow is reputed near. The plan is to stop in Indianapolis for further book shopping. My haul at Powell's was considerably smaller than last time. I bought myself five novels, one for Ed and Natasa bought a spanish novel. My interest appear presently congested, stalled as it were currently, which may reflect an overloaded ambition. I think Foote first, followed by an attempt at a single volume of the Solzhenitsyn and then, perhaps, the first of the Vollman Seven Dream series, The Ice-Shirt. That should lead up to Christmas.

I don't believe I made it through 100 books this year. I'll have to compute. My progresson through the Heller on this trip was also less than desired. I will be able to read for two hours or so, until we switch places outside of Indianapolis.

P.S. I am now home it is near 11:30 and one couldn't ask for better weather. I did read 50 more pages in the Heller and am amazed by its riotous rhythmn. The haul in Half Price was meager, but i did find the latest Vargas Llosa for four bucks, I had been obstinate about not paying six for far too long. I also bought the Decca sessions from Louis Armstrong and it is an often neglected period in Pops' discography, and often, deservedly so, the Mills Bros records are a disaster, but there are some good sides recorded with both Ella and Lady Day.


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