Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Untimely

Happenstance surrounds. Evidently.

It has been a productive morning. It was no real surrpise that I began reading black swan green Thursday evening. As many have and will note, it is queer that most choose autobigraphical fiction has their debut whereas wunderkind Mitchell waits until novel number four. It has been a pureblooded delight for my mongel musings.

As is habit, I ventured to the library's book sale and bought seven tomes, including a pristine copy of Barnes' Lemon Table as well as Robert Conquest's Kolyma. The presence of the latter intrigued me and I hoped for an insight into its arrival. I flipped through and text and discovered an Easter notice, as a forgotten bookamrk. The date is 2.24.83. Incidentally such is the final chapter of Mitchell's novel.

Heil the Illuminati


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