Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I read 150 pages yesterday, perhaps this indicative more of Mulisch's novel than the contours of the day. It certainly helped that Joel waited until ten to call. I believe that I neglected to mention that my wife began reading this site just a few weeks ago, I think she browsed through most of 2006. There is a strange vertigo to such, but, no worries. She finished the Pekic (in Srpski) and ha smoved on to Murakami. I hope that we read in tandem soon, I do so enjoy it. I also enjoy reading with my friends, though there hasn;t been a surpuls of such as of late.

I finally replaced the Links section, yet I don't understand that once I adjusted the site to the new Google format, the profile and links slipped down the page. I just swallowed that disgust.


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