Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fate's Cracked Spine

Not 30 minutes after last night's posting I noticed that my copy of Wolf Solent was slowly falling apart. I would like to thus keep the book close to bed, sharing space perhaps with that Kinglsey bio. I also not that this will grossly disaffect my progress in the novel: such a shame. I did bring the Ferguson with me today and I also bought myself the Peake trilogy for my birthday.

I was at the river a half hour ago pondering across Anthony Burgess' introduction and I could recall vividly reading Tom Franklin. That's an odd sensation, not uncommon especially as a half hour earlier I heard a Scorpions song at Burger King, one prominent in the German film What To Do In Case of Fire. How odd and of incidentally, we should let it burn.

I am still tired and hope to correct that this evening with rations of both exercise and slumber.


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