Saturday, August 04, 2007


The Old Testament refers often, I'm told, that prophets and old men eventually reach a point when they are full of years, I like that phrase. Approaching my birthday, I find myself repeatedly taking to task my twenties, what I didn't do and why I was such an ass accomplishing what I did. I feel confident about my thirties, nearly over now.

I read the other day that if you take all the wisdom and self-criticism from the writings of Nietzsche, that what remains is the work of Ayn Rand. I saw a young chap reading The Fountainhead at the library today. I smiled.


Blogger All4Word said...

Cute. And trenchant. And poignant.

Curious, though. As fiction, do you find anything appealing about Rand? Perhaps Dagny Taggart?

11:53 PM  

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