Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fearing the Loathing

The week has progressed with my largely knitting together selections from books that I have nibbled during the day's margins, the freshest departure being Erasure bu Percival Everett. I first heard of him years ago in Rain Taxi and it wasn't until recently that I had ever found a book of his in circulation. I have read nearly 90 pages in essentially two giant stabs. It is illuminating and polemical: I think I will recommend it to my wife.

Otherwise this site remains a bastion of under-developed ideas and hurriedly written screed signifying little. I did expect Lloyd poke at my Eco-dodge.


Blogger Highwayman said...

I've not been intentionally ignoring you but rather chasing chickens & killing snakes in an effort to get many things in some fractious form of order prior to going to San Diego.

As to our ongoing conversation, I will acquiese that my understanding of history has developed via far less indepth study than yours and others in our circle of comrades.

Many of my conclusions are the results of being 1/2 century old and having seen or least interperated on some level current events repeating themselves from times past.

I will also admit that age is not necessarily indicative of wisdom and that to assume can often make a ass out of both U and Me.

Either way I take comfort in the fact that we can agree that great beer is something to be praised and in most everything else, "It's all good!"

10:30 PM  

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