Saturday, December 15, 2007

Unkind Time

Poor Michel Tournier. The first time i began his Gemini my progress was detoured by the sudden war between Israel and Hezbollah. this second time proved less baleful, it was only a christmas present. My wife bought me Omega Minor after seeing how I cuddled such in Carmichael's. This amazing novel by Paul Verhaeghen encompasses a century of ideas, more Gravity's Rainbow than Hopeful Monsters.

Its descriptions of Berlin are especially resounding given it being the residence of my sister-in-law (and best man) Tihana. My recent inundation in Hitler multimedia can't be excluded either.

I have decided to create a year's end celebration of the year's intellectual impact per its scores of texts and I have solicited help from across the world. Most of those involved are rather dear to me and others are virtual compatriots, lit-minded folks whom i only know from blogs and discussion groups. Such will be presented shortly.


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