Saturday, July 12, 2008

Geographical Expression

This remains a sensitive issue for me, though I have always afforded myself a shaded endeavor of being post-national as it were. I had ambitions of reading People's Tragedy and then The Whisperers by Orlando Figes, though a quarter of the way through the prior, I sense some hesitation on my part of reading the second volume, at this chaotic time, anyway. There aren't any novels in my immediate orbit, though Kipling's Kim, strange enough, has been on my mind a few times this past week.

I have acquired some finds this week, including that massive novel by Charles Palliser, a book on the Spanish Civil War by Beevor and another text on the Great Game, which likely explains the allure of Rudyard.


Blogger genevieve said...

Hi, Jon, goodness you do keep up a good pace there. Figes is coming to our writers' fest soon - I am about to buy a ticket to hear him talk about Akhmatova with one of our better poet/journos. Should be ace.
Not sure I could handle that book, though. I've had my fill of grim histories about Stalin.

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