Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snug With Our Books

i had a bout of malaise this afternoon, 24 hours of rain and the seasonal expectations apparently outflanked my better angels. No, I don't belief in angels elves or much else from the astral plane. I still cling to that optimism disease, so sung by Sir Salman in his Midnight's Children.

I buy a number of books for folks: it is my gift of choice. I usually buy books that I think people should read, adjusted accordingly, to their skills and focus. the exception to this is my wife. I do look for books that I think she'll like. I'd like to note what bought her now, but that will have to wait. I bought many books for friends and none of them figure in any scheme for a samizdat selection. That is a first, most likely. We had party of sorts at work today and I spent 90 minutes reading Pekic's How To Quiet A Vampire. I think I have nearly caught my friends. I do wish all a lovely holiday season.


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