Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Man Within

I finished Greene's first novel on Friday. It is certainly experimental, betraying stream-of-consciousness that is rare in Greene's work. I found it poetic and bleak. Dr. Sherry suggests that Greene's having suffered at school fomented his affinity for cowards and fugitives.

My pace in the bio has slowed, Greene has graduated and fallen in love with Vivian. His flexibility in moral matters is reflected in his (rash?) decision to convert to Catholicism from a prior perch as staunch atheist.

I am now reading The Shipwrecked, which was published in the UK under the title England Made Me. Aside from it being a punchline for every sex scandal which geysers on the front page of The Sun, it is an interesting novel, one which also affords fragmented narrative to great effect. Its portrait of Stockholm is, in itself, a deserving enticement.


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