Monday, September 14, 2009

Bleak House

First off, Joel is correct, the Reich Chancellery was APPOINTED to Hitler. The political accordion of the Reichstag was looking for stability in lieu of a attempted coups and ongoing urban unrest. The loud man with the mustache appeared, at the time, to be a tolerable evil. Alas, I finished The Coming of the Third Reich yesterday and have tagged multiple postings over at samizdat.

Meanwhile I continue to loiter in the dark alleys of Bleak House, having made it to p. 320. There have only been subtle brushings towards the darker natures. I admit to being surprised by that. Instead, the novel is rich and often hilarious. I should devote an entire post on the Ur-urchin and how Jo stands up to the unwashed in Hugo and Dostoevsky. Lawrence Boythorn is an amazing character and whatever sighs Dickens may solicit with unwarranted sentimentality, even so, how hardened a heart can't appreciate the portrait of Charley, not even a teen and supporting her two siblings:
I don't know where she was going, but we saw her run, such a little
creature, in her womanly bonnet and apron, though a covered way at the bottom of
the court; and melt into the city's strife and sound, like a dewdrop in an


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