Monday, October 29, 2012

What Can Be Left Behind?

A fellow named Matt Gould passed away about a month ago. He wasn't exactly a friend. We would see each other and share a laugh and that was about the extent of it. I learned of his death the weekend I read Zadie Smith's essay about her father in Changing My Mind as well as Christopher Hitchen's posthumous Mortality. One can't be sure where presently resides in the life spectrum. I find it fair to guess that my future is now small than my past. I'm rather okay with that. I have liked read 14 books since my last posting and trip to Chicago. I reflect and ponder.

CNN is on today, which is rather strange. The hurricane is bearing down upon Long Island and i hope that Joel and Lena have been sensible and fled to higher ground with plenty of beer at hand  for the siege.

I'm reading Zola at the moment, been relishing the ghost stories of Dickens before I retire. I'm rather congested and I have an ear ache but my thoughts are elsewhere this afternoon.


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