Sunday, July 23, 2006

Go With What You Know

My not-quite-frantic thrashing for a book to support me ended with my brandishing Galatea 2.2 by Richard Powers. I have read this book three times before and despite being able to gauge the wires on this reading, it is palpable brain matter for a breezy weekend and my new rocking chair. I have thought over the past hour about the prximity between Powers and Vollmann. There is a great deal of reconciliation, though I fear it would have to be qualified to a certain degree. I suppose that someone like Richard Dawkins would almost appear closer to Powers in terms of a gestalt, though Powers remains a diehard sensitive soul and Dick Dawkins is al-brain: sigh. Vollmann appears to gauge through a mechanics of the extreme. I am not sure where this leaves any of my reading plans but i hope to spend an hour or so out front, enjoying the temperate sunshine and Powers exegesis of the ghost in the machine.


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