Friday, September 28, 2007

Zimmerman's Death Train

It was good to wield the tropes of Dylan, Trotsky, Pasternek, and Eichmann's golden mean of transport?

I mean, jesus, I may not be in the best of spirits or dispositions, Lloyd, are you serious when you say that Hitler and Germany hadn't been attacked? I am not sure if you mean 1933 or 1939, but it is Europe, there is a strong legacy of historical memory apparently bereft in these city borders. Do the brutal terms of the Treaty of Versailles, does the Depression, the failed experiment of the Weimar, the streets run ragged with Marxists, does any of this account for the shortbus version that WE (biblebred denizens of the Honky Tundra)are ALWAYS right?

I must admit to being mad as hell at this stupidity, this opportunism -- at which history we actually access. Sucking lamb's fat from a straw while touring in our SUV doesn't commeasure with being blindsided: few folks actaually are -- ever.


Blogger Highwayman said...

My regrets if I have misstated historical fact. Humanities past is a subject that both saddens and angers me. Hence my propensity to skim over the highlights.

I really don't think you and I disagree on how we would prefer humankind to treat each other but rather on how we arrive at that point.

With few exceptions, in my mind the leaders of most eras have acted or reacted with egos rather than benovolence. The result more often than not was the very people and way of life they claimed to be trying to protect sufferd as much or more than the alledged enemy.

So my question remains; when if ever, will the masses choose to break this centuries old cycle and refuse to follow such men into the abyss.

My fear is the question lyes in the same realm as the chicken or the egg query. We will never know.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

History does repeat itself like it or not. This experiment called captialism has just about run its coarse within these borders of the lower 48+2. It will take another forty to fifty years for the wheels to really fall off and the masses have huge upsurges and recapture what the wealthy have destroyed. Look back and learn.

7:49 PM  

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