Sunday, December 28, 2008

Whatever The Coin

A beholden sun greeted me this morning. Drifting through the NYTBR, waffles and the first of many double espresso, I arrived at a perch, a perfect mate to that of my wife who is reading The Broom Of The System. I am noting this partially as a mnemonic device for future reference. Listening to Rosemary Clooney and then Mingus, i finished the Nero Wolfe and I was impressed. Perhaps not fulfilled, but pleased. This leads us to this familiar shore: what next. There remains a 100 pages in the pekic, though my cohorts there haven't been blazing with erudition as of late. I have found the Pepys bio likewise compelling. Since it is Sunday, I suppose i should strike out. I have the library's copy of Cross Channel by Julian Barnes in front of me. I have yet to open such and i now need to consider what cd to play next. Such decisions.

With another four day weekend immanent, I was thinking of a big push. The P and V translation of Anna Karenina appeals, greatly.


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