Monday, July 13, 2009

Then he allowed himself to strike, like his childhood hero Allan Quatermain, off on that long slow underground stream which bore him on toward the interior of the dark continent where he hoped that he might find a permanent home, in a city where he could be accepted as a citizen, as a citizen without any pledge of faith, not the City of God or Marx, but the city called Peace of Mind. -- Graham Greene

I spent some time yesterday listening to my sister complain about her failed attempts to normalize relations with a relative of ours, one that I declared a few years back I would never see again. This was actually just before I encountered the above quote from Greene. Prescient and just shy of purple, I do appreciate The Human Factor.


Blogger jon faith said...

Ihad hoped to rea 100 pagesof Moby Dick yesterday, I managed 80 which is cool. Late night nurse duty kept me from further mileage. I did read 100 pages of The Human Factor today, a rum turn on the spy genre. I consider it fortunate that I don't care at all for the genre.

10:25 PM  
Blogger edward parish said...

Life and times of Mario Andretti is where it's at man. If not, some othe racer/NASCAR will do in a pinch. Get loose! or whatever else it is they say.... lol

8:28 PM  

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