Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where Did The Good Go?

At present time I am disheartened by the populace which rushes by under my windows in pursuit of the fatted calf. And they say that intelligence is to be found in the street! -Flaubert

Thanksgiving week has historically proved to be a powder keg at my work. This post doesn't concern my work only my own volatile afternoon. My friend Tim sent me an email. I love the man but he has been looking for straw men to contradict ever since his beloved proclaimed mission accomplished. Anchored in the email was the news that Egypt is going to hell in a hand basket. Somehow, this must be Obama's fault! I shrugged and didn't write back; no such notes appeared citing Lenin and eggs. I make my way home and watch United play horrible defense against Benifica in the Champions League.

Sigh. I have completed Still Life by A.S. Byatt and have chewed through 450 pages in Babel Tower, its successor in the Frederica tales. I have nodded as samizdat has tumbled off into what may prove the Big Sleep. Joel is finishing his basement with help imported from Scandinavia. Yeah, I know, it is a holiday week


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