Thursday, September 01, 2005

The 3 Worst Books of 2005

3) Line of Beauty
That this suurpassed Cloud Atlas to achieve the Book still boggles me. A groaning mess of gay love and Thatcher, sewn clumsily with Henry James.

2) No Country For Old Men
What was Cormac thinking? Was firing .50 rifles with Charlton Heston this draining on his muse?

1)How Soccer Explains the World
Francis Foer should eschew the protean example of his brother and continue to crib small stories for political magazines, somehow I was thinking of Stephen Glass far-too-often as he examines a number of football scenarios and dashes thusly with ridiculous extrapolations of Friedman.


Anonymous Pele said...

Thanks for the heads up Jon on the book How Soccer Explains the World. I really7 wanted to read this but honor your opinion. Cheers...Ed

8:32 AM  
Blogger edward parish said...

He is another for your list-
Cubano Be, Cubano Bop
by Acosta, Leonardo

9:07 AM  
Blogger jon faith said...

Why yes, Ed, I had forgotten about that one. It is odd but i had thought we had read that one before the holidays. Good call.

1:01 PM  

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